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Transport & Logistics 交通及其他安排

Start Point: Rotary Park, Tsuen Kam Au


Transport to Start Point:

1. Shuttle Bus:

Shuttle buses provided by Organizer from Kowloon Tong MTR departing at 7:30am. $20/person.

2. Bus:

Bus No. 51 from Tsuen Kam Au to Tsuen Wan MTR or Kam Sheung Road MTR.

3. Taxi (red)

A taxi from Tsuen Wan MTR should cost around $50.


賽事起點: 荃錦坳扶輪公園



1. 旅遊巴士:


2. 巴士:

51號巴士前往荃灣MTR 或 錦上路MTR。

3. 市區的士:

荃灣MTR荃去錦坳扶輪公園 (車資約五十元) 。


Personal Belongings 個人行李

  • A luggage tag for personal luggage will be provided for participants to store their personal gear / clothes to the finish point.

  • Please hand your personal luggage to our marshal at start point and it will be transported to the finish point.

  • Please store your luggage 15 minutes before the race starts.

  • Participants can collect back the personal luggage at the finish point after race.

  • No valuables inside the bag please.

  • No personal belongings will be stored or transported after the race starts.


  • 賽會將提供一個行李牌與參賽者寄存個人行李 / 衣物去終點。

  • 個人行李可於起點交給工作人員,賽會會將之運送到終點。

  • 請於賽事開始前15分鐘將行李交給工作人員。

  • 參賽者可於終點取回個人行李。

  • 請不要寄存貴重物品。

  • 於比賽開始後,不能再寄存任何個人物品。